"Ruth's knowledge of business growth strategies is impressive and she has helped us to make many small changes and implement strategies which have had a significant impact on our profit.


Ruth is a skilled problem solver and has helped us to trouble shoot various complex issues, thinking outside of the box and suggesting innovative solutions.

I've worked with Ruth for over 5 years now and she has helped us take our brand from concept through to the substantial organisation it is today. 

If you are looking to scale your business, I highly recommend working with Ruth."

Thiago Ferreira, CEO, Nosso Lar Nursing Home (Petropolis, Brazil) www.nosso-lar.com/

"Ruth was a huge help in acting as a sounding board and deciphering what was going on in my head with balancing business and personal goals. We worked through it and brought the answers to the surface, enabling me to move forwards and grow my business."

Will Gemmel, Owner, Eagleridge Construction and Management www.eagleridgeconstruction.co.uk/

"I have had an incredibly successful first year in business and a huge part of that is my coach, Ruth Ferriera.


Ruth has nurtured, supported and cheered me on over the past year. It is so empowering to work with someone who believes in you so completely. The result is transformative. The scale of the change is astonishing, one of the biggest things has been the size of my vision. Ruth has steadily encouraged me to think bigger, and I found time and again these goals are soon within my grasp and I need to think bigger once again.


Ruth is a constant, reassuring presence, who has helped me unlock my skills and potential. Ruth is an utter delight to work with. She radiates positivity and energy. I always leave a session buzzing with ideas and motivation. 


Whatever stage you are at with your business I cannot recommend a better investment that working with Ruth."

Jennifer Cooper, Owner and Founder, Time Saver www.jennifercoopertimesaver.com/ 

"Ruth is a kind and compassionate coach who has a real interest in seeing her clients succeed and grow their business. During our 9 months working together I was able to grow my business from being a team of one to a team of six, despite the challenges of the global pandemic. If you need a listening ear, a sounding board, an accountability partner of just a kick up the backside, I would recommend you have some coaching with Ruth!"


Helen Calvert, Owner and Founder, Clear Day www.clear-day.co.uk/

"Before our session I felt really stuck but now I keep thinking of more and more things I could do - I've got so many options and I'm so excited. You can't imagine the impact you've had."

Chantelle Hodgson www.linkedin.com/in/chantelle-hodgson

"Ruth’s coaching is purposeful, personal, professional and really helped me to move forward in my business and life. She has a way of asking exactly the right questions to encourage you to dig deep and do the next right thing. Every session provided a fresh insight or new way of looking at things and I continue to feel the impact and value of our time spent together."

Joanne Bonnett www.joannebonnett.com/ 

"Ruth has coached me a number of times over the last 18 months and she is a wonder! She has helped me drive my business forward and take it from strength to strength. My profit has significantly increased and I am working with more and more of my ideal clients.

Ruth brings bags of enthusiasm to each session and I alway feel energised after speaking to her. Highly recommend."

Hannah Ashwell Dickenson, Owner and De-Clutering Expert www.hannahashwelldickinson.com/