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Success Circle Mastermind

“The Success Circle Mastermind is that perfect mix of people supporting & cheerleading combined with sharing ideas to stretch and inspire you. We have shared values but have very different businesses and experiences which adds to the richness of the Mastermind expertly facilitated by Ruth.”   

      Karina Rook, Ventures Green

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Success Circle is an invite-only high-level mastermind via Zoom for 90 minutes once a month.

This group will harness the collective brainpower of the room to encourage, inspire, and empower each other to take your business to the next level. It will enhance your personal strategy and help you troubleshoot problems. This insight into a phenomenal group of peers will continually raise the bar on what success looks like and maximise the potential of each individual and business.

Each monthly session will include sharing of progress towards goals, including celebrating wins and sharing challenges. The group will deep dive into one member's problem or idea with this hot seat rotating each month. There will also be time allocated to helping other members overcome challenges they are facing at that time.

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