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Supercharge Your Month

“Thank you for a great session today… they are motivating me A LOT!! My productivity is through the roof at the moment”


Elle Cloke, Managing Director, We Do Social Media

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Supercharge Your Month is a month-start strategy, planning, and accountability session over Zoom for 60 minutes, with optional open networking or silent co-working afterwards for 30 minutes.

It is for busy small business owners who are on a mission to grow their business and need help carving out the CEO time to work on, rather than in their business.

The session creates a 60-minute window at the start of each month to get focused and strategic. To consider your goals for the month; to create a plan; and to get committed to driving your business forward, with the encouragement and accountability from an inspiring community of your peers.

As the group grows, it will become a powerful network of next-level small business owners, supporting each other, building momentum, and inspiring you to new levels of success.

"Supercharge Your Month is one of the most impactful activities you can do to set your business up for success! Ruth Ferreira is phenomenal at helping you get above the fog and helps you leap from vision to practical steps 🔥✨💚"


Karina Rook, Ventures Green

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