Helping small businesses vastly accelerate their growth and increase income

"Whatever stage you are at with your business I cannot recommend a better investment than working with Ruth."

Jennifer Cooper, Time Saver 


What if I could guarantee to help you gain more clients/customers and make more money in your business? Would you be interested? 


Hi, I am Ruth Ferreira - a business coach and mentor who is passionate to help small businesses vastly accelerate their success. I’m an ex-corporate lawyer and a mum to my beautiful daughters Maia and Isla. I am passionate to help as many people as possible to reach their potential and live their best life.

I work with clients in every sector from construction to accountancy but my clients have one thing in common - they are ready to grow their business, fast.


Why do clients choose me?


✔ Money back guarantee on my Business Growth Accelerator

✔ I help you get better results, faster

✔ Build your business as efficiently and strategically as possible, saving you time and increasing your profit

✔ Help you get crystal clear on what success means to you and help you accelerate towards it

✔ Help you overcome challenges and obstacles with your most innovative solutions

✔ Packages to suit every budget


“Biggest earning month EVER. Thank you for EVERYTHING”

Jennifer Cooper, Time Saver

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Helping you get from where you are to where you want to be

I help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I work with clients in two main ways:

Business Growth Accelerator

My business growth accelerator is a phenomenal value option for those who would like to be shown how to grow their business as fast as possible, following a proven system for success. 

I show business owners how to generate more leads and more sales without them having to spend a penny more on their marketing and advertising than they do already. I do this by sharing access to a unique system of online tools and resources with dozens of impactful strategies and tactics for business growth. MOST IMPORTANTLY, these gems cost zero or very little to implement.


Topics covered include:

✔ How To Identify The Best Target Market 

✔ Differentiating In A Crowded Market 

✔ Generating More Leads & Converting A Higher Percentage 

✔ Guarantees That Generate More Business 

✔ Maximising Your Social Proof To Win More Sales

121 coaching 


Coaching is the perfect tool for business owners who want a structured thinking space to get really clear on what they want to achieve. I then help them to innovate the most effective way to get there, and break it down into small, achievable action steps. 

Coaching works on the basis that you as the coachee already have the answers inside of you - my role is simply to ask questions and draw out the insight, innovation and lightbulb moments. With your permission, I will also make suggestions, which often spark a further lightbulb moment.


You will be amazed at the solutions and game plan we can achieve in just one session, and blown away by the results you will see as we work together over a few months. It is going to take some hard work - both in our sessions and implementing afterwards - but the results will be worth it.

Coaching sessions are strictly confidential and non-judgmental. My role is to help you take responsibility for and ownership of your goals and actions, and to give you the space to explore ideas and options in a safe, solution-focused environment. I will help build your confidence in yourself, and help you learn from your mistakes. In coaching, failure is seen as a good thing as we can learn from it and make changes to move towards success. I will  challenge you to stretch yourself and encourage you to see yourself, not as you are, but as you could be. I will help you to view problems from new perspectives and to commit to taking the action, and doing the work, to move towards your goal.

I typically coach online via video call, or at Solomon's Estate, Tunbridge Wells, and I am happy to discuss coaching in other locations.

Please email me now on to discuss which option is best for you.